heating air conditioning first choice palm desert hvacIn warm regions of the United States like Palm Desert, California, people may experience toasty temperatures in summer. The blistering heat of the California desert can cause health problems. It can also affect people’s productivity. People may feel a bit more irritable and less focused on hot days. That is why an air conditioner is not only important for your homes but also in your workplace in CA.

Installing an air conditioner in your house or office in Palm Desert, California can help keep you comfortable. For a professional installation of an air conditioner in Palm Desert, CA, Esser Air Conditioning and Heating is here for you. We have been providing Palm Desert HVAC services for more than 30 years. For proper use of air conditioning in Palm Desert, California, we listed a few things to do to guide you.

A Beginner’s Guide to Palm Desert’s Air Conditioning

To help you learn more about how to properly use your AC in Palm Desert, CA, we have listed some dos and don’ts for you. By following these, your air conditioner can keep your home and workplace in CA comfy for years. Here are the things you should and should not do to make your air conditioner function for a long time:


Change Filters of Your Air Conditioner

It is important to regularly change the filters of your AC in Palm Desert, CA. The evaporator coil of your air conditioner in Palm Desert, California may freeze up if you do not check for a clean filter. When you use your unit at home regularly, filters should be replaced once a month. If you use it less often, the filters should be changed at least once in three months.

A dusty filter of an air conditioner can also affect your health. Small particles of bacteria might circulate in your CA house or office if you do not clean the filters of your AC in Palm Desert, CA. Replacing the filters of your air conditioner is done to avoid allergic reactions from contaminants, which can lead to more health problems.

Keep the Exterior of Your Air Conditioner Clean

Remove any materials or particles that may prevent your air conditioner from providing an even airflow in your workplace or house in CA. This will stop bacteria and dust from circulating around your home. Regularly cleaning your AC in Palm Desert, CA can help it function better and not consume too much electricity.

Check the Thermostats of Your Palm Desert HVAC System

Learn about the different settings of the thermostat of your AC in Palm Desert, CA. Digital models can help maintain temperatures better as they can be programmed when you are away. The right balance of humidity in CA houses hinders the growth of molds and damage to furniture and house paint. It also prevents appliances from overheating.

Use Fans When You Use Your Air Conditioner in CA

Relying solely on your air conditioner in CA can easily wear it out. You can combine the use of your air conditioner and fans (especially ceiling fans). This can help circulate the air in your home or office in CA. It can also balance the temperature in your house or worksite in Palm Desert, California better and faster.


Use Extension Cords to Power Your Air Conditioner

Powering your AC in Palm Desert, CA using an extension cord prevents the air conditioner from running smoothly. Palm Desert’s Air Conditioning system will find it hard to maintain the temperature in your home or office in CA. Other appliances will interfere with the electric power it needs to function properly.

Set the Temperature of Your AC in Palm Desert, CA Too Low

On blistering hot summers in the California desert, some people turn the thermostat down to cool their CA homes and offices faster. This may cause an imbalance in humidity levels and also force the air conditioner to work harder. You can turn on your ceiling fan for the cold air to spread in the room faster instead.

Leave Doors and Windows Open in Your CA Home or Office

The blistering heat of the California desert can enter your CA house or office. Your air conditioner will try to balance the temperature inside your Palm Desert, California home or office every time the warm air is blown inside. If your AC in Palm Desert is a kind of central air conditioner unit, closing the vents can keep the balance of the room temperature. 

Neglect Outdoor Units of Your Air Conditioner

The area around the condenser unit outside your home or worksite in CA needs to be cleared. Branches, weeds, and different kinds of debris should be removed for the air conditioner to function better. The unit has to dispel heat from the California desert properly without obstructions, as these may damage Palm Desert’s air conditioning unit.

Forget the Maintenance of Your AC in Palm Desert, CA

Neglecting yearly inspection of your air conditioner may result in major air conditioning problems in the future. You can identify and repair minor damage when it is detected early. Air conditioners can last around 15 years, if maintained properly. Your AC in Palm Desert, CA can function longer when you turn to technicians for maintenance.

Engage the Services of a Trusted HVAC Company

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