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4 Tips for Boosting Your Palm Springs, CA, Home’s Airflow

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4 Tips for Boosting Your Palm Springs, CA, Home's Airflow
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Having adequate airflow in your Palm Springs, CA, home is essential for keeping the air clean and comfortable. Homes with more polluted indoor air could face serious health issues, including allergies and respiratory illnesses. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure your home has proper airflow.

1. Invest in an Energy-Efficient HVAC System

An efficient air conditioner can help reduce your energy bills by reducing the energy needed to cool your home. Additionally, many systems often come with programmable thermostats that allow you to adjust the settings from anywhere. This feature can help you maintain an even temperature throughout your home and save energy.

2. Upgrade Air Filters

Air filters keep the air clean and free of dust, pollen, and other allergens by trapping them. Changing your filters at least every ninety days is a good rule to go by to ensure optimal performance. If you have furry companions, adjust that rule to every thirty days. High-efficiency filters will capture even more allergens for cleaner air.

3. Utilize Natural Ventilation

Take advantage of the desert climate by opening windows and doors to let in fresh air whenever possible. This simple step can help keep your home ventilated while reducing energy costs. Utilize natural ventilation when the weather is clear and dry, and allergens are low. However, turning off your HVAC system before following this step is necessary.

4. Clear Obstructions

Ensure that nothing is blocking the air vents in your home. Furniture, blankets, and other items can obstruct airflow. Check for any obstructions and allergens near your HVAC system and take the necessary steps to clean them.

With proper airflow, your home will be more energy-efficient, and you’ll enjoy a healthier living environment. Through regular maintenance and as-needed upgrades, the air will also remain clean and comfortable. Contact Esser Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system and ensure your home’s indoor air quality is up to par.

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