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5 Dangers of DIY Water Heater Repairs in Palm Springs, CA

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Improper repairs or installation of a water heater can result in damage to your home and harm to yourself. Learn about the five biggest potential dangers of DIY water heater repairs in Palm Springs, CA, below.

1. Chemical Exposure

DIY repairs can expose everyone in your household to hazardous chemicals. The chemicals ensure that every faucet or tap gets hot water. Accidentally allowing them to leak out poses the potential for respiratory issues.

2. Improper Repairs

It’s easy to misdiagnose a water heater problem after looking online for solutions to fix the issues you noticed. Once you get a professional to your home, the job will likely cost more or take longer to repair. You’ll also risk accidentally breaking a part while focusing on a different one.

3. Electrical Shock

Most water heater repairs involve your electrical system to some extent and require that you shut off the system. If you skip this step, you risk shocking yourself. Shocks can also occur as the current flows through your home.

4. Hot Water Burns

A step DIY enthusiasts often forget is that they need to let the tank cool and then allow a technician to drain it. Any outlet in your water heater can release scalding water. These outlets include the heating elements, pressure valves, and drains.

5. Voids Your Warranty

If your water heater’s warranty is still valid, never attempt to repair it yourself because this voids the agreement. Manufacturers generally require a licensed professional to complete any maintenance or repairs. Any future repairs on your water heater will likely become an out-of-pocket expense to you.

Water heater repair professionals can help you avoid all the dangers of DIY work. Our pros at Esser Air Conditioning and Heating are here to assist you, so call us to schedule water heater repairs today.

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