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Why Is My La Quinta, CA Ductless System Leaking Water?

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Your La Quinta, CA ductless mini-split air conditioning system should provide efficiency and comfort. However, you might notice your ductless system has started leaking water. If you notice a water leak, it likely goes back to one of the following three issues.

A Damaged Drain Pain

Moisture taken from the warm air in your home drips into a drain pan. The drain pan may have become less effective because of rust. This is more likely if the system has been in use for five years or longer.

It’s also possible that the drain pan has a crack. If there’s a crack, you will see water dripping from it. Regular maintenance allows you to keep your eye on the drain pan and replace it should damage occur.

A Clogged Condensate Line

Water in the drain pan needs somewhere to go, and that’s where the condensate line comes into play. The condensate line carries water away from the drain pan. However, dirt and debris can accumulate within the line.

Any type of build-up can and eventually will cause a blockage. As a result, the water spills out of the pan because it has nowhere to drain. Because there’s nowhere for the water to drain, it will cause your ductless AC system to leak.

A Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters lead to dirty coils, eventually producing water leaks. A dirty air filter makes it impossible for the coils to get the proper airflow. Without adequate airflow, they’ll freeze up and develop a layer of ice.

Eventually, the frozen coils thaw, and the ice melts. The melting ice will leave water on the floor, or you might see water leaking down your walls.

Our team is here to diagnose and repair the issues causing your ductless system to leak water. Contact Esser Air Conditioning and Heating for all of your ductless system needs.

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